Started in 2008, we are a small family run beekeeping operation. We are striving to produce the healthiest and purest honey and beehive products possible. Our operation is still in the development stages.

Updated Oct 23 2021

After a devastating year in 2020, this year proved to be a decent one. Our colony numbers are back up and most hives are going into winter in decent shape. The honey has an excellent flavor, though slightly darker than the pure white of some seasons. The first batches had more dandelion and clover, while the later batches are a mix of clover, alfalfa, fireweed and thistle, along with some other wildflowers. Of note this season, wild rose bloomed way late causing a break in the flowers after the dandelion bloom. We hope you enjoy.

Prices can be found on the Honey Sales page.

Bloom??? on the honey jars. I’ve written a paragraph about the slight discolouration of the honey on the side of the glass jars. Again it can be found on the Honey Sales page, thanks.