Started in 2008, we are a small family run beekeeping operation. We are striving to produce the healthiest and purest honey and beehive products possible. Our operation is still in the development stages.

SOLD OUT till fall 2021    !!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for any inconvenience but we are sold out until fall 2021. Winter 2019-2020 was a devastating year for our bees, with about 90% losses. Many farming decisions happen months or years before the outcomes are realized, and we had a couple day window to purchase bees before the first travel restrictions closed that opportunity to us. We have taken this time to reevaluate and update some of our equipment and practices. Thank you for your continued support and we hope to have honey back on the shelves as soon as we can.

Prices can be found on the Honey Sales page.

Bloom??? on the honey jars. I’ve written a paragraph about the slight discolouration of the honey on the side of the glass jars. Again it can be found on the Honey Sales page, thanks.