Honey Sales

Foundationless honey comb

Foundationless honey comb

2021 Honey Prices:

1/2 kilo glass jar    10.00$

1 kilo glass jar       17.00$

3 kilo plastic pail   45.00$

Please note prices may change without notice.

We are now selling honey through:

Nature’s Pantry -3744 1st Ave, Smithers, British Columbia

Out of Hand -3835 First Avenue, Smithers, British Columbia

Tyhee Market -1349 Highway 16, Telkwa, British Columbia

So far all our honey is Raw. This means that it is not heated or filtered in any way. The benefit of honey in this state is that it is as close to being straight from the hive as possible without still being in the comb. As a result, all enzymes and flavours remain intact, creating a healthier and tastier product. There is also a larger percentage of pollen residues, helping those with local allergy problems and boosting nutrition. It also creams (crystallizes)  to a nice smooth texture.

The drawback is that our honey is creamed and will not pour from the jar. Also, we have to use a settling tank to remove both large and small particles of wax and other foreign materials. This works well, but some wax might still float to the surface before the honey crystallizes. This can easily be scraped off or consumed, some consider this honey to contain the highest concentration of beneficial enzymes and pollen content.

Noticeable Bloom on the sides of the jars??? I have not been able to figure out why we get a discolouration of the honey seen on the sides of the glass jars. I don’t even know what to call it but Bloom seems to be an appropriate word. It usually shows up as a lighter white colour than the main body of the honey and the crystals appear larger, but it does not seem to affect the honey in any way and is only a cosmetic defect. I have asked as many beekeepers as I can about it and posted questions on several forums with no concrete answers. I have had many thoughts as to why this forms: being exposed to cold temperatures, shrinkage of the honey after crystallization, air bubbles in the honey… It usually happens a couple weeks after the honey has crystallized and this is why it is so puzzling. Since it has not seemed to cause any issues with the flavour or creaminess of the honey, I feel it is ok to consider it a sign of quality and an indication of the natural state of the honey. Beeswax is known to produce a similar discolouration after it has hardened called Bloom, hence why I chose that word. Please feel free to contact us if you have encountered any issues around this phenomenon.

We sell our honey locally. It can be purchased directly from us, please call 250-877-3495. But we live about 45 minutes from Smithers partially on a very rough road so we encourage people to purchase from the local stores that support us.