We personally support and suggest the following links:

Tyee Mountain Trail Society– This is a non-profit charity that we have established in order to keep trails open around our house. These are mainly cross country ski trails, that we set and maintain when possible. Cross country mountain biking or walking is also welcome. Visit the web page for more info.

British Columbia Honey Producers Association (BCHPA)– This is the association in BC that helps support beekeeping throughout the province. My wife Heather is the editor of their excellent quarterly publication, I help out a bit with it. Check out their site for more info.

Groundbreakers Collective– This is a local organization dedicated to healthy living through healthy food. We are building a relationship with them. Like us, their organization is growing slowly.

Kirk Webster– Vermont beekeeper and pioneer of treatment free beekeeping. His views and articles persuaded us to follow this direction and we can not thank him enough. Visit his site for a detailed description of his beekeeping year and reasons for natural farming.

Pedersen Apiaries– Excellent North-West Saskatchewan beekeepers. Their site has details on wintering in single brood chambers, and other tips for Northern beekeepers. They sell quality queens as well.

Please help out these organizations if at all possible. Many people put in many hours in order to bring them to you.